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We have been working in modeling and optimization of crystal growth from the melt for over 10 years. During this period of time, we worked with industries on the optimization of the growth technology and participated in a number of projects with research laboratories. The experience we have gained covers modeling and optimization of such growth techniques as Czochralski (CZ), Liquid Encapsulated Czochralski (LEC), and Bridgman. In each of these areas, numerical simulation proved to be a reliable and effective tool helping to solve practical problems. It provides insight into such aspects of the technological process that are extremely difficult to monitor experimentally. Modeling can provide valuable results fast and at a low cost as compared to a typical experimental run. By modeling, we can help you to analyze and optimize the following aspects of a particular growth process:

  • significant increase of the crystallization rate with keeping high crystal quality;
  • temperature and thermal gradient distributions in the whole growth system including the melt and the crystal;
  • characteristics of convection in the melt, gas, and encapsulant;
  • 3D unsteady turbulent convection in the melt and in the gas;
  • heat flux balance and optimization of the hot zone geometry for reduction of the heater power;
  • the geometry of the crystallization front and thermal stresses in the crystal;
  • defect characteristics in the growing crystal;
  • impurity and species concentrations and the melt and crystal homogeneity.

The computational tool we use is the program package Crystal Growth Simulator (CGSim) developed at STR, Inc. There is a basic version with simple and powerful graphic interface and a number of add-ons for specific applications.

Capabilities of the CGSim package are illustrated through detailed application examples:

Numerical models applied to bulk crystal growth analysis

The mathematical models are based on the Navier-Stokes equations and the heat & mass transport equations in the 2D and 3D approximations. Special models are available for crystallization phenomena and chemical reactions.

The mathematical aspects of the models used for the analysis of bulk crystal growth are described in [1-17]. The global heat transfer calculations [1-3, 10, 15] are the basis for a detailed analysis of flows, mass transfer, and crystallization. Usually, the view-factor (surface-to-surface) method is applied to simulate radiative heat exchange; a heat transport conservation equation is used to predict the temperature distribution. To simulate radiative heat transfer in semitransparent media, we apply an original model based on a combination of the ray-tracing and discrete ordinate approach [29-30].

To calculate the melt and encapsulant convection, we use the Boussinesq approximation of the Navier-Stokes equations. The gas flow is simulated by the approximation for slow subsonic gas motion, and the turbulent mixing within the 2D or axisymmetric approximations involves a Reynolds-averaging (RANS) procedure [1,3,6,10,15]. In the 3D unsteady approximation, there are options for Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) or for Large Eddy Simulation (LES) [4-9,11-14,16-17]. Original combined LES/RANS models have been developed for CZ Si growth to reduce the computational time.

The moving grid approach is used to find the geometry of the melt/crystal interface. The grid is reconstructed after each step of finding the crystallization front.


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